Valentine's Day 2004
Sonnet 33

'Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day?'
But no, the bard has used that line before.
Borrow?  Steal?  Take his line away?
Nay, I'll inscribe my own enraptured score.

'If roses were so red and violets draped
In blue...' how droll... there must be finer tools
Than this old song.  My jaws are slack, agaped,
Like dim buffoons and bumbling, boorish fools.

'Ain't no mountain high enough, no peak...'
Oh no, not that!  It isn't even true!!
Perhaps there are no words, no lines that speak
Of all the things I feel inside for you.

For thy sweet love is not a thing for rhyme,
I might as well be painting for the blind.

~ A. David Chan ~