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A bottling party for Garretson, Saxum and Villa Creek.

Sat. & Sun. 26-27 July 2003
at Garretson Wine Co., Paso Robles, CA

Eric's webpage on this weekend at Grape-Nutz.com
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Perhaps "bottling party" is a little too... cute.
It was WORK!

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Coffee with Eric at Wilson's

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As it turned out, the bottling equipment was not there Sat. AM in a replay
of the events of four weeks prior.  But there were a few bottles of The Reliquary
that needed labels, so we whipped those out. 

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Mike's expert hand adjusting the label alignment.

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That took all of an hour.
With nothing else to do the rest of the day, Eric and I went
wine tasting and then met later for 
an offline at Alloro.

So next day, on Sunday...

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Coffee with Eric at Joe's Cafe on 12th St.

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Mat Garretson
of Garretson Wine Co.

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