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Mean Little Kitty!

Traci threw a Spring Sunday Champagne Brunch back in May '03 and on the day of the event she discovered a mama cat and a litter of kittens in her storage shed.
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 Some were very feral, but the rest could be handled.  The kittens couldn't have been more than three or four weeks old.  Caroline fell in love with this one...

...but Michael forbade the addition of a cat to their household.  There was much discussion among the brunch crowd about the fate of this family.  It was decided that Traci should set out live traps to capture them and then get them fixed at the very least.

Traci recently emailed this report:


1 Opossum (3 times!)
3 Skunks
8 Cats (6 individuals - 2 repeat offenders)

I want to thank you all for sharing this amusing animal adventure with me.  I appreciate all your help, comments, and snickers.  Status:  the skunks have been relocated, the opossum returns to the trap to eat every two days and waits for me to set him free.  Mom, Dad, and one very wild kitten were all trapped, fixed and set free.

We have 3 kittens (2 white males and a black and orange female) that are about 12 weeks old.  Bonnie is trying to socialize them, but it has been a slow process.  A few of you have expressed interest in the kittens.  If you are truly interested please contact Bonnie at xxx-xxxx to discuss their unique personalities and dispositions.  They need some work.  If we are not able to place them in the right home, we will set them free in my back yard with the rest of the animals where I will continue to feed them.

Thanks again,


At last report, the opossum was still coming back for dinner.  Mom and dad and wild kitten were also returning regularly.  Caroline still can't have a kitty.  Traci is considering a position as a zookeeper.

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