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Ultra mini Offline at:
Trabuco Oaks Steakhouse
Trabuco Canyon (El Toro), California
4 May 2003

Wine List

'86 Dunn, Howell Mountain cab sauv
'86 Ch. Montelena, cab sauv
'96 Peter Michael, Les Pavots, Knights Valley meritage

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Perhaps it is unfair to call this a WCWN offline since
it wasn't posted on the board, but what the hey.

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Our server:  Kendall


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Only two gladiators accepted the 2-lb. Cowboy Steak challenge!


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Hey Marshall, don't you know what they do to ties here?


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Sic semper tie-ranis!


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Toni's very cool quilt.


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Toni's very cool Moulton Lava Volcano.


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Very cool Toni.  Hey Toni, smile!


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Diana has never seen this much chocolate in one place at one time.
Chocolate Density Index (CDI):  7 kilograms per cubic centimeter.


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Some directions are easier to follow than others.

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A. David Chan

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