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Chef de Cuisine:
old friend John

Offline at:
Alloro Restaurant
Paso Robles, California
29 May 2003

Wine List
(In no particular order)

1996 Taittinger, "Le Rve" Dom. Carneros
Taittinger, Champagne
1993 Viberti Eraldo Barolo
1995 Antinori Solaia
1996 Bussola TB Recioto
1998 Bussola TB Recioto
1996 Via Landiano Reserva
1997 Ravenswood, Sonoma, Cabernet Franc
2000 Lamborghini, Campoleone, Umbria
1996 Barolo, Brunate, M. Marengo
1998 Carlisle, Russian River Valley, Zinfandel
1999 Carlisle, Dry Creek Valley, Zinfandel
2000 Carlisle, Alexander Valley, Zinfandel
2001(?) Carlisle, Sonoma County, Zinfandel
 1999 Ch. Pavie, 1er Grand Cru, St. Emilion
1999 Torbreck Run Rig
1996 La Bernardina Ceretto
2000 Palmina, Stolpman Vyd., Santa Ynez Vly, Nebbiolo
1989 Produttori del Barbaresco, Pora Vyd., Barbaresco
1990 Produttori del Barbaresco, Pora Vyd., Barbaresco

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Becca's webpage for this event

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Attendees:  Jimmie & Becca, Bob & Carol, Scott & Ruth, Charlie & Pat, Frank, Sue, Barb, Christine, A. David

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Fabrizio's old friend

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Carol & Bob

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Ruth & Scott

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Charlie & Pat


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Claudia & Christine

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Becca & Barb

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Paul & Becca

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Sue & Frank


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Claudia, Christine & Mary Anne

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Wines by the Glass

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Sue, Frank & Paul

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Lamb Shank

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Ruth & Scott

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Wild Boar marinated and cooked in 100% Crozes Hermitage

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The other table
Tom Hill & friends

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The other table
had a Montevina Barbera


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The other table

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Tom Hill

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Alloro Tiramisu

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Don't know who this is, but she was friendly.


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Frank & Paul

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Christine & Claudia

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Charlie & Bob


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Bob, Jimmie & Ruth

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Steve & Fabrizio


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This was a very strange coincidence.  Gretchen's daughter Melissa has
been working for Fabrizio for many years and they have all become
good friends.  Gretchen is Randy's & Lisa's little sister.  Randy &
Lisa are a pair of fraternal twins that I went to high school with!

Small world!!

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Any comments or problems 

Please email:
A. David Chan

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