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Alice & Charlie
No, he and Pat are still married,
but I needed a few incriminating pictures, so...

"Offline" at:
Red Carpet Wine in Glendale, CA
Cafe Bizou in Pasadena, CA
Just because Charlie Chadwick was in town.
Fri. 18 July 2003

Wine List

at the wine bar at Red Carpet Wine
(A bunch of Champagne and sparkling wines of which none were particularly remarkable INCLUDING the Cristal!)
(A bunch of other wines also unremarkable.)
2000 Goldeneye, Pinot Noir
1999 Oakford, Cab Sauv
1999 Altamura, Cab Sauv
1999 Hartwell, Cab Sauv
1999 White Cottage, Cab Sauv
1999 Reverie, Cab Sauv
1999 Lancaster, Cab Sauv

BYOB at Cafe Bizou
N/V(?) Laurent-Perrier, Grand Siécle, "La Cuvée" Champagne
1998 Dehlinger, RRV, Chardonnay
1997 Hunt Cellars, Sonoma, Sangiovese
1988 Ch. Lynch-Bages, Pauillac, Bordeaux
2000 Uvada, Oakville, Napa, Merlot
2001 Kenneth-Crawford, Santa Rita Hills, Central CA, Syrah
1996 Au Bon Climat, "Isabelle" Pinot Noir
1999 Rocca, Napa, Syrah
1999(?) Etude, Napa, Cab Sauv

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This whole thing started when Charlie said he was going to be in L.A.  I was just gong to take him up to one of my favorite wine bars and then out to dinner in Old Pasadena, but I ran into a few friends who joined us.  It turned into quite a party.

At Red Carpet Wine...

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And at Cafe Bizou...

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