Napa/Sonoma Pick Up Trip

Sun. 4 June 2000 - Wed. 7 June 2000

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 A. David Chan

Whose idea was this anyway?  Must have been Larry's.  Only Larry would plan on being in San Francisco for a dinner reservation at 8:30 PM at Slanted Door after a 440-mile road trip.  Didn't hit the road until 11:00 AM, but must have caught a heck of a tail wind.  We got to San Jose (383 miles) in about 5 hrs.  And since Santa Clara is right there and Wine Club has a store there and... well, we had at least an hour to kill before we had to get to Dawn's place.  Almost bought a Geyser Peak Bin 51 shiraz that I had never seen before, but $85?!!!

Got to Slanted Door in plenty of time, even after watching the Lakers slam-dunk the Blazers.  Slanted Door is a Vietnamese restaurant on Valencia near 17th in the Mission District in The City.  As usual, the parking situation was despicable.  Spring roll appetizer, clay pot chicken, squid, asparagus, Donnehoff riesling (more details to follow).

Drove to C&B's Home II after dinner and wandered aimlessly until we stumbled upon their place.

Home2-002f.jpg (36275 bytes) Home2-003f.jpg (40675 bytes)

Home2-004f.jpg (73362 bytes) Home2-005f.jpg (76755 bytes) Home2-006f.jpg (57302 bytes) Home2-010f.jpg (65754 bytes)

Home2-007f.jpg (68720 bytes) Home2-009f.jpg (42981 bytes)

And thus began a wine pick up trip...

Ch. St. Jean

ChStJean-002f.jpg (52364 bytes) ChStJean-003f.jpg (79644 bytes) ChStJean-004f.jpg (46782 bytes) ChStJean-005f.jpg (59981 bytes) ChStJean-006f.jpg (39148 bytes)

Flora Springs

FloraSpr-010f.jpg (72148 bytes) FloraSpr-012f.jpg (47309 bytes) FloraSpr-011f.jpg (74827 bytes)

Harlan Estate

Harlan-009f.jpg (58527 bytes) 


Martinelli-006f.jpg (66870 bytes) Martinelli-008f.jpg (62037 bytes) Martinelli-009f.jpg (61985 bytes) Martinelli-010f.jpg (70155 bytes) Martinelli-011f.jpg (75469 bytes)  Martinelli-013f.jpg (69832 bytes) Martinelli-014f.jpg (46955 bytes) Martinelli-015f.jpg (51146 bytes) Martinelli-012f.jpg (64200 bytes)

Martinelli-017f.jpg (59176 bytes) Martinelli-016f.jpg (58038 bytes) Martinelli-018f.jpg (49681 bytes)

MartinelliMuscat-001f.jpg (80141 bytes) MartinelliMuscat-002f.jpg (63017 bytes)  

This is "Muscat" who is a very cool cat.  He jumped up onto the tasting counter to escape the clutches of an overly-affectionate little girl.


 Mondavi-002f.jpg (80631 bytes) Mondavi-003f.jpg (57321 bytes) Mondavi-014f.jpg (88740 bytes) Mondavi-015f.jpg (74502 bytes) Mondavi-016f.jpg (43062 bytes)

That's Larry's joke about the To-Kalon vineyard.  "Toe"-Kalon?  Get it?  Yeah, I didn't think it was funny either.

Oakville Grocery

OakvlGroc-014f.jpg (55558 bytes) OakvlGroc-013f.jpg (53863 bytes) OakvlGroc-010f.jpg (60815 bytes) OakvlGroc-012f.jpg (61304 bytes) OakvlGroc-011f.jpg (52798 bytes)

There are more calories per square foot here than...

Pride who was CLOSED

Pride-005f.jpg (68050 bytes) Pride-008f.jpg (39727 bytes) Pride-006f.jpg (54701 bytes) Pride-007f.jpg (71875 bytes)

Rabbit Ridge

RabbitRidge-011f.jpg (59407 bytes)

                          This is Mindy RabbitRidge-012f.jpg (55793 bytes) on her last day at Rabbit Ridge.

 RabbitRidge-013f.jpg (47366 bytes) RabbitRidge-014f.jpg (50424 bytes) RabbitRidge-015f.jpg (41523 bytes) RabbitRidge-016f.jpg (52049 bytes) RabbitRidge-017f.jpg (58535 bytes) RabbitRidge-018f.jpg (38237 bytes)

 This is "Refosco" and friend.  (Does everyone in Napa have a cat named after a varietal?)  Now if Larry could make the ladies purr like that...


Rochioli-009f.jpg (77041 bytes) Rochioli-010f.jpg (59744 bytes) Rochioli-007f.jpg (45912 bytes) Rochioli-008f.jpg (49335 bytes)


Rombauer1-001f.jpg (55763 bytes) Rombauer-014f.jpg (85209 bytes) Rombauer1-002f.jpg (57287 bytes) Rombauer1-003f.jpg (66169 bytes) Rombauer-015f.jpg (103846 bytes) Rombauer-013f.jpg (77113 bytes)

Rombauer's '98 El Dorado zin and late harvest chardonnay called "Joy" are beauties.


Spottswoode-001f.jpg (39235 bytes) Spottswoode-002f.jpg (73975 bytes) Spottswoode-003f.jpg (68229 bytes) Spottswoode-004f.jpg (82514 bytes)

St. Clement

StClement-009f.jpg (47785 bytes) StClement-008f.jpg (53310 bytes) StClement-006f.jpg (55270 bytes)

StClement-004f.jpg (55650 bytes) StClement-010f.jpg (65135 bytes) StClement-011f.jpg (83000 bytes) StClement-012f.jpg (38645 bytes) StClement-005f.jpg (68567 bytes)

St. Clement has a cat named "Junior" so I guess not all cats are named after varietals.

St. Francis

StFrancis-001f.jpg (62359 bytes) StFrancis-015f.jpg (72467 bytes)

St. Helena Wine Store

StHelenaWineStor-016f.jpg (58175 bytes) StHelenaWineStor-012f.jpg (30068 bytes) StHelenaWineStor-013f.jpg (35188 bytes) StHelenaWineStor-014f.jpg (50582 bytes) StHelenaWineStor-015f.jpg (48114 bytes) StHelenaWineStor-017f.jpg (60218 bytes)


Turnbull-001f.jpg (57302 bytes) Turnbull-004f.jpg (34724 bytes) Turnbull-003f.jpg (35255 bytes) Turnbull-002f.jpg (77772 bytes) Turnbull-005f.jpg (45749 bytes) Turnbull1-013f.jpg (66880 bytes)

Slanted Door

SlantedDoor-003f.jpg (75966 bytes) SlantedDoor-005f.jpg (78451 bytes) SlantedDoor-006f.jpg (79006 bytes)

The Diner

TheDiner-009f.jpg (55356 bytes) TheDiner-006f.jpg (36219 bytes) TheDiner-007f.jpg (32359 bytes) TheDiner-008f.jpg (49031 bytes)

French Laundry

FrLaundry-004f.jpg (64467 bytes) FrLaundry-005f.jpg (65181 bytes)

FrLaund-001f.jpg (30060 bytes)

FrLaund-002f.jpg (38116 bytes)

FrLaund-003f.jpg (32239 bytes)

I FORGOT TO TAKE MY CAMERA!  AND MY WALLET!!  I really could have used both too.  We opened a bottle of '97 Rochioli "Little Hill" pinot noir and a '90 Nuits Saint Georges Aux Champs  Perdrix., Alain Michelot to go with a really fantastic dinner.