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5 Nov 2001 - U.S. Grant Hotel, San Diego

I apologize if you were pouring and I didn't get your photo.

Grab me next time and I will certainly accommodate.


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Edgewood Estate
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Far Niente
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Dennis Fife
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Richard & Richard of
Frank Family Vineyards
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Freemark Abbey  
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Frog's Leap
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Grgich Hills
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Cathy Corison 
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Dan Duckhorn  
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Pine Ridge  
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Now for the
charity event...
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A little more...
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Shari Staglin
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Stony Hill 
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Of course
it's good!
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St. Clement  
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Diamond Creek
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Rainwater's on Kettner

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'78 Leoville &
'99 Turley Old Vines

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    Paddy & Dave L. 
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