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Château LArdog

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Housewarming Potluck
Inaugural Wine Tasting

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Date/Time:  Sunday March 2, 2003 @ 4:00 P.M.
Click here to email me:  LArdogKauai@aol.com

One small request...please wear footware that can be easily slipped on/off.  I have this really light carpet (despite every intention to buy a house that has dark carpet) and I hope you won't mind too much if we do the Hawaiian barefoot thing inside.  Mahalo!

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A Celebration of Life, Family, Friends,
Fine Wines & Cuisine,
Low Interest Rates
and the
O.C. Real Estate Market...

The password is:
"Tiki Bob sent me."

The LArdog will make his famous Kalbi ribs and macaroni salad.  Your help with an accompaniment, appetizer or dessert would be greatly appreciated.

Wine List

N/V Nicolas Feuillate Champagne
'97 Chateau Chamirey white Burgundy
'94 Sanford pinot noir, Santa Barbara
'00 Walter Hansel pinot noir, Montoya Vineyard
'94 Matanzas Creek merlot
'94 Gallo CS, Frei Ranch Vineyard
'92 Whitehall Lane CS, Morisoli Vineyard
'90 Anderson Conn Valley CS

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This was the day of the L.A. Marathon and Teddi talked the LArdog into bicycling it with her and some friends.  Then they did the housewarming thing.

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When ya move, ya move!
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