The Mad Doctors
at The Madison with Centocor

Wed. 27 Mar. 2001 - Long Beach

Another Big Thank You to Miriam, Sameer and Mark for putting this together!

Next date for the Mad Doctors:  April???
Really Tentative Theme (RTT) is:
"Wines with Bottle Weights Than Can Kill"
(e.g. M-16 Turley, AK-47 Sine Qua Non, Uzi Ojai Roll Ranch)

A. David Chan's Wine Tasting Rating9
This wine tasting was marked by a very eclectic selection of wines,
but the good company, excellent meal and fantastic presentation
by Miriam pushed this solid 8-rated wine tasting into the rare and 
ethereal 9 range.  My Beef Wellington went so well with the
'82 Dunn Howell Mtn. that I thought Liz Hurley and Pamela Anderson
had just sat down on both sides of me and asked me if I knew what
Ménage á Trois meant.  At which time I looked up from my glass of
wine and mumbled, "Huh?"

The Wines (in no particular order)

98 Au Bon Climat Oregon pinot noir
98 Au Bon Climat Talley Vyd Central Coast pinot noir (corked)
98 Au Bon Climat Rosemary & Rincon Vyds pinot noir
98 Testarossa Pisoni Vyd pinot noir
98 Albola sangiovese Toscana
90 Silver Oak Alexander Vly cab sauv
82 Dunn Howell Mountain cab sauv
89 Château Montelena cab sauv
93 Paradigm
97 Pride Mtn. cabernet franc
97 Château St. Jean Cinq Cepages
95 Bonny Doon Old Telegram
98 M. Chapoutier La Bernardine Châteauneuf du Pape
98 Cave de Chante-Perdrix St. Joseph
95 Turley 95 Black Sears zinfandel
90 Château Guirard Sauternes

More pix to come once Larry gets off his duff and goes to Target!

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