Harry Does DeLoach at Judi & Jim's
Sat. eve. 11 Mar 2000

The Wines

87 DeLoach Russian River
92 DeLoach Russian River

96 DeLoach OFS
98 DeLoach Barbieri
98 DeLoach Gambogi
98 DeLoach OFS
98 DeLoach Papera
98 DeLoach Pelletti
98 DeLoach Saitone

Roll Call:  Harry, Judi, Jim, Treeva, Jim, Jo Anne, Clark, Eric, A. David.  Invited, but thankfully did not attend:  Craven Moorehead, Dick Hertz, Holden Mycrotch

My tasting rating (0-10):  7
(See Tasting Rating for tasting ratings.)


Notes:  I had a wonderful nap.

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