Gems 'N Prospects

Saturday 18 Jan 2003
Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel
Grill Club

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Kobe Beef!

Wine List

N/V Tarlant Champagne
1996 d'Aubry Tradición Champagne

1978 Leroy Nuits St. Georges Burgundy
1998 Martinelli Blue Slide Pinot Noir

1987 Beringer Private Reserve
1987 Opus One
1987 William Hill Gold Label Reserve

1983 Château Grand Vin du Leoville de Marques de Las Casses
1988 Château Lynch-Bages, Paulliac

1982 Silver Oak Napa Valley

2000 Rombauer Joy Late Harvest Chardonnay

This Gems meeting was the result of Christian casually mentioning at the FoB on Wednesday at the Ritz-Carlton Huntington in Pasadena(a 10 by the way) that he was getting two full Kobe beef tenderloins from one of his chef friends in San Francisco.  He also said he wanted to put in for his end of the barter for so two of our meals were "free".  Fortunately, we were able to cough up some decent wines to match the beef!

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And special guests Debby & Dan and John & Kathleen.

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Dave L.:  Yeah, it's expensive, but you get laid!

Kathleen:  I don't get it.

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It was a little cozy with 7 on a table meant for 6, but we managed.
It was Dan's fault!  Clown!!

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Dave drove from Santa Maria in hell traffic to get to the Ritz.

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The couple at the next table trying to figure us out.
It was their second anniversary.  Isn't that cute!

82-year-old Cy's wife came over to see who could have so many bottles of wine open at one table.  She insisted we were in the wine business.  Well, we are!  Sorta...  They were celebrating their 25th anniversary.

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