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Monday, 3 June 2002
Cafe LaFayette, Garden Grove, CA
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Larry, Dave L., Kay, Jenny & A. David

Wine List
(All Pinot Noir)

1994 Babcock Santa Maria
1997 Lane Tanner Bien Nacido Vyd. Santa Maria
1999 Soter Beacon Hill Oregon
2002 Testarossa Palazzios Monterey County
2002 Seven Lions Winery Sonoma Russian River Valley
1998 Testarossa Cuvee Neclaire Reserve

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Memorable Quotes:

Kay:  Could we have some glasses?

A. David:  For Larry, pinot noir and Burgundy is an ethereal experience that transcends the five senses.  He goes into the wine and seeks its soul and then returns to reality for the mundane duty of chewing.
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Kay:  Dump bucket?  Mine is in the middle of my face.

Larry:  Is this Lane Tanner corked?

Jennifer:  Oboy, cigars!

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