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It was a dark and stormy night...


16 Dec 2002


Le Chef
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Wine List

n/v Dampierre Champagne
1983 J.E. Luper Napa cab sauv
1986 Joseph Phelps Insignia
1991 Philip Togni Napa Vly. cab sauv
1993 Kathryn Kennedy Santa Cruz Mtns. cab sauv
1995 Gary Farrell Rochioli Vyd. pinot noir
1997 Trefethen Reserve cab sauv
199? Turley petite syrah
199? Cline Big Break
1999? Swanson La Ti Da

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Attendees:   Brad, Cathy, Dave L., Gail, Debbie, Dan, Larry, Mark, Tammi, A. David


My tasting rating (0-10):  9

Clearly a self-serving 9 considering the eclectic nature of the wine selection!

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No, you go over the underpass
and under the overpass...

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SortaFobLeChef16Dec02-b-007F.JPG (68970 bytes) SortaFobLeChef16Dec02-b-008F.JPG (42728 bytes) SortaFobLeChef16Dec02-c-001F.JPG (67651 bytes)

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That's Bo as in Bo Derek.

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Paige not thinking of Larry 

Carol?  Paige?
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Larry thinking about Paige

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