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18 Mar 2003


Pacific Dining Car
Los Angeles, CA


Smoked Salmon appetizer,
Mushroom Ragout Feuillete
Spinach Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing
Entrecote Steak and Frites
Triple Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Coulis

Wine List

Mot Chandon Nectar Imperial

1993 Chateau St. Jean Robert Young Vyd. chardonnay
1993 Chateau St. Jean Belle Terre Vyd. chardonnay

1987 Beringer Howell Mtn. merlot
1988 Beringer Howell Mtn. merlot
1989 Beringer Howell Mtn. merlot
1990 Beringer Howell Mtn. merlot
1991 Beringer Howell Mtn. merlot
1992 Beringer Howell Mtn. merlot
(1993 was in hiding)
1994 Beringer Howell Mtn. merlot
1995 Beringer Howell Mtn. merlot
1996 Beringer Howell Mtn. merlot
1997 Beringer Howell Mtn. merlot

1987 Beringer Chabot Vyd. cab sauv (Oooo... Ahhhh)

1999 Steltzner Lost Barrel (Thanks Dave L.!)

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Gary & Lisa, Dan, Debby, Larry, Cathy, Brad, Dave L., A. David


Server:  Paul


My wine tasting rating (0-10):  9

Some mighty fine juice here!

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Woman, serve me...

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