Meta-Friends Of Bacchus


 02 July 2001

Organizer:  Kay & Dave L. with Williams-Selyem Pinot Noir at 


Kay's Beautiful Piece of Paradise

Wine List

n/v Bollinger Champagne
1969 Gevrey-Chambertin
1983 Ch. Suidurant sauternes
1986 Pine Ridge cab. sauv.
1993 Vosne-Romanee Michel Gros

1996 Williams-Selyem Sonoma Coast pinot noir
1997 Williams-Selyem Sonoma Coast pinot noir
1998 Williams-Selyem Sonoma Coast pinot noir
1999 Williams-Selyem Sonoma Coast pinot noir

Attendees:   Kay, Cynthia, Dave L, Larry, A. David


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Kays02July01a-002f.jpg (54409 bytes) The Perpetrators Kays02July01a-001f.jpg (30279 bytes)
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A promised sunset Kays02July01a-005f.jpg (42383 bytes)  went unfulfilled Kays02July01a-006f.jpg (42389 bytes) like the Clinton tax cut.

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Kays02July01c-004f.jpg (43219 bytes) Kays02July01c-006f.jpg (40219 bytes) Kays02July01c-005f.jpg (37105 bytes)

Paige not thinking of Larry Hobbit_2_Nov_00y-005s.jpg (30428 bytes) Hobbit_2_Nov_00y-004s.jpg (54538 bytes) Kays02July01a-007f.jpg (54336 bytes) Larry thinking about Paige

Wow, what a PNvBurg-019f.jpg (30711 bytes) great time!