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Yeah Larry, we like you, we really like you.

 24 Sept 2002
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Host:  Larry
with wines of Sonoma


Santa Monica, CA

Wine List & Menu

Theme:  Sonoma, Not Pomona, Not Yer Sister Ramona

Patriots:  Larry, Kay, Dave L., Gail, Brad, Cathy, Dan, Debby, A. David

My tasting rating (0-10):  9

Sorry Larry, but if it wasn't for all the problems
we had dealing with the venue, this could have
approached the lofty 10-ness rating.  A little more prior
planning would have put this wine tasting over the top.

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Factoid:  Koala bears take three days to digest their food.
That's why they sleep so much.  Therefore, all Hawaiians
must be Koala bears.

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Cathy:  Larry, you have served me two perfect wines;
this '94 Kistler Chardonnay and the 1997 Screaming Eagle.

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Gail:  On your knees, woman!
(I may have heard this out of context.)

LarryTheFoBerFoB24Sep02-b-004f.jpg (40080 bytes) LarryTheFoBerFoB24Sep02-b-005f.jpg (50556 bytes) LarryTheFoBerFoB24Sep02-b-006f.jpg (55208 bytes) LarryTheFoBerFoB24Sep02-b-007f.jpg (44817 bytes) LarryTheFoBerFoB24Sep02-b-008f.jpg (61675 bytes)

Larry:  I brought an extra bottle of Champagne
just for Gail and Cathy.  That should keep them quiet.

(I may have heard this out of context too.)

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Not bad for the first time out
of the chute, Larry!  But next time...
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Please let me know if there
 are any problems.
A. David Chan