Friends Of Bacchus

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A couple celebrating their anniversary
that Cathy was hanging with.


17 Nov 2002

Host: Brad & Cathy
with French


The Hobbit

Wine List & Notes

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Attendees:   Brad, Cathy, Dave L., Gail, Debbie, Dan, Larry, Joe, Shari the Yuppie, A. David


My tasting rating (0-10):  9


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TWO yuppies escaping the kids for an evening.

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This Tart Tatin with the Sauternes was divine!

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Methinks the yuppie doth protest too much.

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Come on Larry!
How many pictures of Paige do want?!
Oh, that many...

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Paige not thinking of Larry 

Carol?  Paige?
 Hobbit_2_Nov_00y-004s.jpg (54538 bytes) 

Bistango_26_Jun-019f.jpg (39845 bytes)
Larry thinking about Paige