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30 August 2004


Florentine's Grill
Fullerton, CA


Host:  A. David
Theme:  The Refrigerated Wine Experiment

Wine List & Menu

1996 Dom Perignon
1997 Bella Vista Franciacorta

1990 Sequoia Grove, Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa
1994 Merryvale, Profile, Napa
1995 Ravenswood, Gregory Vyd., Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma

1992 Ravenswood, Dickerson Vyd., Zinfandel, Sonoma
1994 Joseph Swan, Stellwagen Vyd., Zinfandel, Sonoma
1996 Ravenswood, Dickerson Vyd., Zinfandel, Sonoma

1995 Richard Hamilton, Old Vine Shiraz, McLaren Vale
1996 Charles Cimicky, Signature Shiraz, Barossa Valley

(Hmmm... seem to missing a couple of wines)

This was an experiment with an old refrigerator in the garage that has held about four cases of wines that I thought had peaked and were not going to age much more.  Theoretically, refrigerator temperatures will halt the aging of wines.  There was a set of control wines that were duplicates of these wines, but I didn't want to hunt them down.  Conclusion:  Couldn't tell if refrigeration arrested aging or not, esp. with the zinfandels.  Merryvale Profile was disappointing.

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Gina, Dave L. LArdog, Debbie, Dan,  Brad, A. David
plus Mike and Jim




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