17 Feb 2003


Florentine's Downtown Grill
Fullerton, CA


Maryland crab cakes made with a blend of lump and snow crab served with a lemon butter sauce to the side

Bruschetta combo on grilled Italian bread with fresh roma tomatoes, basil, and garlic

House soup Minestrone served with fresh pesto and
parmesan cheese

Jumbo scampi butterflied and sauteéd with garlic butter, white wine, fresh chopped tomatoes, fresh herbs and spices. Served with seasoned saffron risotto cakes and fresh vegetables sautéed and placed to the side.

Marinated pork tenderloin with rosemary, olive oil and garlic, served in a cabernet sauvignon wine sauce with garlic roasted mashed potatoes and vegetables.

Pan sautéed filet mignon wrapped in pancetta and served with a buttery brandy demi glacé. Accompaniment include mixed sautéed vegetables, Enoki mushrooms and Dutch bacon potatoes.

Superbrownie trifle

Wine List

n/v Bella Vista Franciacorta Italian champagne
1997 Arcadian Bien Nacido Vyd. Santa Maria chardonnay

First Flight
1985 BV Georges de Latour, Napa cab sauv
1986 Cosentino "The Poet", Napa meritage
1986 Clos du Bois Marlstone, Napa meritage

Second Flight
1999 Scherrer Vineyards Scherrer Shale Terrace zin
1999 Scherrer Vineyards Old & Mature Vines zin
1999 Scherrer Vineyards Special Cuvee Alexander Vly. zin

Third Flight
1996 Stephen Ross Bien Nacido Vyd., Santa Maria Vly. pinot noir
1995 Flowers Camp Meeting Ridge, Sonoma pinot noir
1998 Arcadian Pisoni Vyd. Monterey pinot noir

Fourth Flight
1986 Ch. Montelena Napa cab sauv
1987 Robert Mondavi Reserve, Napa cab sauv
1989 Kistler bottle no. 247, Sonoma cab sauv

Extra by demand
1994 Rosenthal, Malibu cab sauv

n/v (mostly 1999?) Meyer Family Port (Silver Oak)
1988 Graham's Malvedos Oporto

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Jim, Dan, Debby, Larry, Cathy, Brad, Kay, Dave L., Gina, A. David


Server:  Joanna


My wine tasting rating (0-10):  8


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Woman, serve me...

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