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Mon. eve. 15 May 2000

Host Dave L. at L'Opera with Italian


Wine List & Notes


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Attendees:   Larry, Cathy, Brad, Dan, Debby, Enzo, Diane, Dave L., A. David


My tasting rating (0-10):  10!

After much meditation and contemplation on the subject, I have awarded this wine tasting experience a 10.  Although it was not a perfect wine tasting in the strictest sense of the definition, there were several factors that caused this event to merit the rating.  This wine tasting changed my mind about Italian wines.  Not just a little bit, a whole lot!  Were it not for this event, I would still be avoiding Italian wines.  Now I seek them out and will look for consistency in winemakers and vintages.  


The food and wine pairing was masterfully done.  I still remember the Saporito and the1985 Monsanto Il Poggio Chianti Classico.  I also still remember the Fettucine All'Anatra with the 1990 Avignonesi.  Wow!  But the single factor that pushed this otherwise 9 tasting into the realm of the ethereal 10 was the good company of  Enzo DeMuro, L'Opera's proprietor and his team's genuine concern for our dining pleasure and wine tasting experience.  His enthusiasm and valuable comments about the cuisine and the wines made this wine tasting the model that all wine tastings should aspire to.

Notes: Such an evening as only dreams are made of!


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The perpetrators of this criminally-excellent dining experience:

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