Friends Of Bacchus

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9 Apr 2002

Host:  Debby & Dan with Decades at


Bistro 45

Pasadena, CA

Wine List

1995 Pol Roger Blanc de Blanc Champagne

2000 Patz and Hall Woolsey Road Vineyard Chardonnay

1995 Adelaida Pinot Noir HMR Vineyard

1994 Adelaida Pinot Noir HMR Vineyard

1995 Mugneret-Gibourg Vosne-Romanee Burgundy

1986 Beringer Chabot Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

1986 Clerc-Milon Paulliac Bordeaux

1979 Château Latour Pauillac Bordeaux

1963 Cockburn Port

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Brad:  Clerc-Milon, Latour, Chabot
Larry:  Latour, Chabot, Vosne-Romanee
Dave L.:  Latour, Chabot, Champagne
A. David:  Latour, Chabot, Clerc-Milon
Debby:  The big reds. #1 the 1979 Latour, #2 1986 Clerc Milon, #3 tie Beringer/Opus. My personal preference is the Beringer but the Opie was a pleasant surprise, holding beautifully. Ah heck, give it to the Opus. I also liked the 1994 Adelaida.
(Haven't gotten Dan's vote.  He obviously doesn't care about his own FoB!)


A. David:  This Clerc-Milon and Beringer make me feel like singing!  Heaven, I'm in Heaven...

Brad:  Is this chardonnay corked?

Debby:  This Adelaida pinot noir is somewhat unusual for pinot noir.

Attendees:  Larry, Gail, Dave L., Cathy, Brad, Dan, Debbie, A. David

My tasting rating (0-10):  9

A solid 9 in spite of the eclectic selection!

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Please let me know if there
 are any problems.
A. David Chan