Friends of Bacchus

at Cafe Camellia in
Bellflower, CA

Wine List
Theme:  BYOW '83, '88 or '93
CA Cab or cab blend unless otherwise noted

'93 Talbot Sleepy Hollow Monterey Chard.
'93 Ch. St. Jean Robert Young Vyd. Sonoma Chard.
'88 Wild Horse Pinot Noir
'83 Beringer Chabot Vyd.
'88 Clerc-Milon Bordeaux
'83 Dominus
'93 Henschke Keyneton Estate Shiraz
'83 Freemark Abbey Cabernet Boschet
'88 Fetzer Valley Oaks
'93 Cain Five
'88 Karl Lawrence
'00 Keller Estates Napa
'97 Cooper-Garrod Santa Cruz Mtns. Cupertino/Saratoga
n/v (Mostly 1977) Graham's Six Grapes Porto

Attendees:   Dan, Debby, LArdog, Dave L., Gina, A. David
and Mark & Tammi


My tasting rating (0-10):  8
A remarkable tasting!  Let's see, 14 wines, 8 people...

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I forgot the camera!


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A. David Chan
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