My Favorite Pix from 2003

No. 10 - How old is that Bordeaux?!
A pure. unadulterated Dave L. "10" These four Bordeaux were absolutely stellar as were the other wines that evening. And it was the Ch. Margaux that showed the "poorest" because the others were showing so well!
RitzCarltonHuntington15Jan03-a-006F.JPG (98979 bytes)
1979 Ch. Margaux
1979 Ch. Mouton-Rothschild
1978 La Mission Haut-Brion
1978 Grand Vin de Leoville du Marques de Las Cases
This image is technically not a good image. It's in low/medium resolution, taken in low light and I didn't touch it up as much as I could have, but that's what the conditions in the room offered, so that's what I took. I still remember the La Mission Haut-Brion with that squab and foie gras dish. Oooooo... 

No. 9 - Steve in Concert
The Amazing Dave L. and the Chaine invited me to a wine tasting/meeting at the R-C Laguna Niguel featuring the Spanish wines of Classical Wines. Their representative, Steve (I don't remember the last name), was a concert pianist! He gave us an impromptu concert in the hallway piano at the Ritz
Spanish03Feb01-e-002F.JPG (64724 bytes)
He did a good chunk of Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" and Chopin's "Piano Concerto No. 1"

No. 8 - Cave, Mine!
The Bibbers visited David Arthur Vineyards last Winter. What a blast! With neighbors like Colgin, Bryant Family, Dalla Valle, Chappellet, it's no wonder their wines are killer. And there is no more gracious a winemaker than Mr. David Arthur Long.
WinterInNapaFeb03-c-005F.JPG (77176 bytes)
I can't wait to get back there and see what he's done with the place.

No. 7 - Tiffani and the Steltzner Corkscrews 
This will probably go down in history as one of the funniest wine stories of all time.  At least I think so!  I'm going to have to check on the stock after a year of sales.
WinterInNapaFeb03-p-003F.JPG (61112 bytes)
Thanks Terry!  I'm sure the gross of them that you bought will help.

No. 6 - A Dave L. Cellar Cleaning 
The Amazing Dave L. picked a somewhat wet day to do a cellar cleaning.  But after a couple of passing clouds dumped their load, the sun came out.
DaveLCellarCleaningMay2003-037.jpg (116257 bytes)
Terry just wanted to keep the rain out of his wine

No. 5 - Dan and the Magic Lost Barrel
Does Dan look happy or what?!
Finally got the 1999 Steltzner Lost Barrel after a year of waiting.
PacificDiningCarMar03-c-001F.JPG (64647 bytes)
And it's good too.

No. 4 - Wine babes in search of The Bachelor
We ran into this trio at Andrew Murray in Los Olivos.  I was saying Andrew Firestone was the next "The Bachelor" and all of a sudden I was the center of their attention.  Like I could give a darn who "The Bachelor" is.
WorldOfPinotMarch03-b-007F.JPG (114850 bytes)
Wine babes looking for Andrew Firestone

No. 3 - Drink fast, Dave, drink fast!
Dave L. had to leave Mike and Kathy's Summer Solstice celebration early, so Mike let him go through the Bordeaux.  A formidable task that Dave made look easy.  Must be all that practice!
03Jun21-0073.JPG (86415 bytes)

When ya gotta leave early, ya gotta taste fast!

No. 2 - Gina's not here!
Gina couldn't join us for a FoB and I told these clowns to give me a we-miss-Gina look.  It turned out to be hilarious with the caption.
Burgundys22Apr03-f-001F.JPG (106191 bytes)
Poor Brad!

-- And my favorite pic of 2003 --

No. 1 - Kobe Beef!
I can't look at this picture without drooling!  My keyboard is soaked!!
RitzKobeBeef18Jan03-a-005F.JPG (116741 bytes)
It's just pre-adolescent hamburger...

Honorable Mentions In Contention

FebFoBFlorentinesFeb172003-b-007F.JPG (73355 bytes)
Gina really liked that Stephen Ross Bien Nacido Vyd. Pinot Noir

FebFoBFlorentinesFeb172003-d-002F.JPG (50633 bytes)
LArdogian footware

03May15-1800 015.jpg (77901 bytes)
Tiffany & Eric at FoB del Norte

03May15-1800 024.jpg (88104 bytes)
Brad and a screwtop Aussie

03May16-DaveL 017.jpg (47118 bytes)
Enjoying Branham wines

03May17-1200 044.jpg (79125 bytes)
Gwen's birthday!

03Jun24-0079.JPG (69722 bytes)
Dan begs for a lap dance.

03Oct29-018.JPG (75861 bytes)
Dann Florek of Law & Order:  SVU joins us at Chloe

OfflineElCaminoGrill03Feb09-b-001F.JPG (64409 bytes)
Becky and her Nikon F2

BlackSheepBistroApr2003-b-001F.JPG (81139 bytes)
Marshall G. has two problems...

BlackSheepBistroApr2003-b-007F.JPG (59570 bytes)
Sine Qua Non "The Hussy"

TraciMay2003-F0047.JPG (80013 bytes)
Caroline and the homeless kitten

03Jul26-0094.JPG (82291 bytes)
Bottling Garretson wine

03Aug16-0317.JPG (43639 bytes) 03Aug16-0319.JPG (76432 bytes)
I should let Larry explain these two.

WorldOfPinotMarch03-c-004F.JPG (138609 bytes)
Larry visits gum alley in San Luis Obispo, CA

WorldOfPinotMarch03-d-006F.JPG (68185 bytes)
Snoozing cat at Talley Vyds.

WorldOfPinotMarch03-h-001F.JPG (56890 bytes)
A Dujac-soaked LArdog.

03Jun19-DSCF0033.JPG (68142 bytes)
Sid presents:  Grgich Hills

PC110073.JPG (63273 bytes)
Gina, she be pretty... and edumacated... yup.

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