My Favorite Pix from 2002

No. 10 - I've seen better heads on a... hmmm... I guess I haven't seen a better head.
Damn this was a fun event!
ScaryWines30Oct02-a-004F.JPG (47048 bytes)

No. 9 - Larry the pagan offers penance before one of his gods
You just paid $240 to go to a wine tasting with almost all of the notorious cult wines in attendance. Where do you go first? Fortunately (?), they were pouring off their 1998 and it gave us a chance to confirm that what we had at Larry's Hawaii Four-O Ritz-Carlton was indeed as good as we thought it was.
WSLasVegas17Oct02-n-006F.JPG (59710 bytes)

No. 8 - Larry and Paige... er... Carol... naw, definitely Paige
I'm surprised Larry doesn't insist we go to The Hobbit more often.<g> I guess Larry was involved in most of my funnest events last year. Clown!
TheHobbit18Nov02-c-003F.JPG (69434 bytes)

No. 7 - Delia Viader at the Wine Spectator Calif. Wine Expo Las Vegas
Dr. Viader remembered me from previous events and after I complimented (sincerely!) her excellent wine she took out a litho of her and signed it for me. I immediately asked her to "kiss" it for me. I'm going to frame it and hang it in my cellar! Larry, my comrade in arms, was also so blessed by his mere presence. Her PhD is in Psychology; a trivia question you can through out at your next wine dinner.
WSLasVegas17Oct02-h-004F.JPG (64502 bytes)

No. 6 - A Bibbers for the ages with Dick Steltzner
This was by far, the funnest Bibbers I have ever attended. Dick was impressed when I whipped out a bottle of his 1988 Merlot to add to his line up. It was an excellent addition!  This was one of the pix from last year that had me in it.
Steltzner28Feb02-c-005f.jpg (35039 bytes)

No. 5 - Taxi line babes at The Venetian after the Wine Spectator event
The blonde on the right is Liz. She emailed me and thanked me for taking the only picture they have of their Vegas visit.
WSLasVegas17Oct02-q-004F.JPG (106004 bytes)

No. 4 - In memory of Justin Meyer at the Napa Valley Wine Library Association tasting
A poignant reminder.
NapaWineLibrary-m-014f.jpg (53987 bytes)

No. 3 - A bristling of Cristal at Dave L's LX
There is something about this pic that just sums up the complete decadence and delightful debauchery that is FoB. The inside joke that we FoBers are privy to, is that next to this bucket of '81 Cristal was a Bristling of '80 Dom Perignon! This event was and is the most stellar celebration I have ever attended! It was nothing less than an hommage to the royal dinners that L'Escoffier might have devised for the king.
P7130054.jpg (63583 bytes)

No. 2 - Newly-opened Napa Rose gives us a light show
Whenever I am blue and full with woe,
I visit all the pix that made me smile,
And reminisce of '81 Bordeaux,
And push behind me all the world so vile.
NapaRoseJan1402-b-017f.jpg (24051 bytes)

-- And my absolute fave pic of 2002:

No. 1 - Dan and Larry G. having way too much fun
I just bust up every time I look at this! It's the caption, it's the caption!!
AutumnalEquinox21Sep02-c-007f.jpg (55993 bytes)

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