Family Winemakers of CA

19 June 2000 - LAX Hilton

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Los Angeles Inaugural Tasting
 -- A Great Beginning --

It went off without a hitch and it was an unqualified success as FWC debuted its inaugural wine tasting in Los Angeles -- "Trade Tasting 2000". 148 wineries poured over 400 wines to over 700 trade representatives on Monday, June 19. According to attendees this event was the most comprehensive tasting ever offered in Southern California; and they want us back next year. FWC's tastings are an excellent setting for wineries to meet with numerous trade accounts and maximize marketing efforts. FWC wants to thank its industry sponsors for Los Angeles: Bremner Biscuits, Euro-Machines, Inc., and 

Next up, FWC's fall tasting in San Francisco -- "Tasting 2000".
Mark your calendars for Tuesday, November 14 at Fort Mason.

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Bill & Betsy Nachbaur, Acorn Winery

FamilyWinemakers1-002f.jpg (40787 bytes)  FamilyWinemakers1-003f.jpg (43116 bytes)Don & Seiko  

FamilyWinemakers1-004f.jpg (47605 bytes)Mark  FamilyWinemakers1-005f.jpg (75025 bytes)Cathy Corison  FamilyWinemakers1-006f.jpg (45468 bytes)Suzanne Frontz, Cinnabar

FamilyWinemakers1-007f.jpg (60739 bytes)  FamilyWinemakers1-008f.jpg (44040 bytes)  FamilyWinemakers1-009f.jpg (54368 bytes)Clowns  FamilyWinemakers1-010f.jpg (37962 bytes)FamilyWinemakers1-011f.jpg (51203 bytes)

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Tony & Robin

FamilyWinemakers1-013f.jpg (49172 bytes)  FamilyWinemakers1-014f.jpg (40388 bytes)  FamilyWinemakers1-015f.jpg (46108 bytes)  FamilyWinemakers1-016f.jpg (52559 bytes)Keith Nichols

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Doug Beckett, Peachy Canyon

  FamilyWinemakers2-002f.jpg (54306 bytes)
Pacific Star

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Shannon Staglin & her friend Julie

  FamilyWinemakers2-010f.jpg (47647 bytes)  FamilyWinemakers2-011f.jpg (57291 bytes)  FamilyWinemakers2-009f.jpg (54687 bytes)More Clowns  FamilyWinemakers2-012f.jpg (30514 bytes)  

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Whole bunch of clowns

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Guess which clown is left-handed.

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