The Famous Dr. Miller Wine Tasting Group
Wed. eve. 19 Jan 2000
Cabernet Sauvignon at Belmont Brewing Co.

90 Smothers
92 Burgess
93 Flora Springs
96 Alderbrook
96 Cornerstone
96 Domecq
96 Vina Terapaca
97 Grey Wolfe
97 Norman cab/merlot

93 Flora Springs was overwhelming favorite followed by
97 Grey Wolfe
96 Cornerstone
92 Burgess

Attendees:  Judi, Jim, Ruthie, Steve, Brad, Eric, A. David

My tasting rating (0-10):  7

Notes:  Ruthie had Lasik and looks... different.  I didn't dislike anything, but some were better than others.

The Cornerstone was opened a week earlier and subsequently gassed and refrigerated.  It had a decidedly shoe polish thing that you either liked or disliked; no in-between.  Eric gave it a number one vote and Steve and I gave it a number two.  Jim said he didn't bring a buffing cloth.

The Grey Wolfe had a notably Central Coast overripe fruit character that usually shows up in Central Coast zins.

The Burgess was surprisingly good.  Usually I do not think much of Burgess, but this one had good fruit to it and a nice finish.