The Famous Dr. Miller Wine Tasting Group
Wed. eve. 14 June 2000

Wines Currently Available in Stores

 at Belmont Brewing Co.

The Wines 


83 Beaulieu Vineyards Georges De Latour cab sauv

95 Au Bon Climat La Bauge Bien Nacido pinot noir

95 Au Bon Climat Mistral Vineyard pinot noir
97 Laetitia pinot noir

97 Saddleback zinfandel

98 McDowell syrah

98 Mueller Emily's Cuvee Russian River pinot noir

98 Unti zinfandel


By vote for top three:

98 Mueller or Laetitia

97 Saddleback

98 McDowell


Should Mention:  Unti zin was corked.  BV Georges de Latour was over the hill, down the other side and half way across the plain.  Also, Mueller was another Emily's Cuvee instead of the Ranch 23.  Grabbed the wrong bottle.  We had the Emily's Cuvee at Jimmy's.

Roll Call:  Brad, Eric, Steve, Ruthie, A. David


My Tasting Rating (0-10):  7
A delightful dinner!  Most wines very good and open theme produced an interesting cross-section of wines.



General comment:  The weather went from very nice to overcast and not so nice.  Lisa got a few lessons on wine.  Memorable quote when we gave her a glass of Saddleback zinfandel:  "I've never seen red zinfandel before.  I thought zinfandel was supposed to be pink!"

The Mueller was again a great bottle of wine.  Lots of oak, but in balance with the abundant fruit.  Violets and blueberries nose.  Brad suggests the high alcohol is very prominent in the nose and almost a flaw in the wine.  Drinkable now, but should be good for up to 10 yrs.

The Laetitia was also a very good bottle of wine.  Bright pinot flavors, subtle oak, good acid.  Drinkable now, but probably less ageable than the Mueller.

Saddleback zin is always a pleaser even if the 97 is not very available in the stores.  This wonderful little fruit bomb is ready to drink now.  Will not age well but good for another 3 yrs.

McDowell syrah is a bargain at less than $10 this is a syrah you could drink every day or give away and not feel any guilt whatsoever.  Spiced fruit nose, up front forward fruit, nice finish.  Probably won't age well.  Not more than 3 to 5 yrs.

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These people were having way too much fun!