The Famous Dr. Miller Wine Tasting Group
Wed. eve. 10 May 2000

Cabs at Jo Anne's & Clark's

The Wines 

(cab sauv unless noted otherwise)

91 Adelaida

93 A. Rafanelli

96 Dickerson ruby cabernet

96 Elderton Barossa

96 Fox Ridge
96 Joseph Phelps

96 Lava Cap
96 Wilson Creek

By vote for top three:

96 Elderton (by unanimous 1st place vote!)

96 Lava Cap

96 Joseph Phelps


Honorable Mention:  93 A. Rafanelli

Roll Call:  Jo Anne, Clark, Judi, Jim, HARRY, A. David, Lady


My Tasting Rating (0-10):  7
A delightful dinner!  All wines at least good although this proves beyond a shadow of doubt that chili and wine do not dance well together.  Kind of like Herve Villechaize and Cindy Crawford doing a tango.



General comment:  All the wines were at least good.  The Elderton was excellent!  But it didn't go with chili.

The Elderton had tremendous oak, but it had the fruit to back it up.  An excellent bottle of cab from Australia.  But it doesn't go with chili.

The Lava Cap and Joseph Phelps are both wonderful wines showing forward fruit and very nice balance.  But neither one goes with chili.

The Rafanelli was a sleeper that really didn't open up until later in the evening.  Up front it was closed and rather flat.  Later it showed nice fruit and acid with mellowed tannins.  But it doesn't go with chili.


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