The Famous Dr. Miller Wine Tasting Group
Wed. eve. 9 Feb 2000
Pinot Noir at Jimmy's


90 Kenwood Jack London
92 Rochioli Russian River
94 Greenwood Ridge Anderson Vly
94 Porter Creek Russian River Special Reserve
95 Sanford Santa Maria
96 Windward
97 Sass Willamette Vly Oregon

Top Points from Vote:

92 Rochioli Russian River
94 Greenwood Ridge Anderson Vly
90 Kenwood Jack London

Attendees:  Debby, Dan, Ruthie, Steve, Brad, Eric, A. David

My tasting rating (0-10):  6
Not enough really good wines.  All wines at least OK.  Rochioli outstanding.
(See Tasting Rating for tasting ratings.)

Notes:  The Rochioli was clearly an outstanding pinot noir in a field of mediocrity.  Rich and deep with long finish.  Very good fruit for a 8 yr old pinot in balance with softening tannins and easy acid.

The Greenwood Ridge was very good, but was a completely different style of pinot.  Nice pinot nose opens after a few minutes of swirling.  Austere fruit and subtle style.  Pretty much peaked and ready to drink.

PN has too wide a variation in style and terroir.  Possible change to the theme by limiting it to Central Coast or Sonoma or Oregon might have made a better tasting.