The Famous Dr. Miller Wine Tasting Group
Wed. eve. 03 May 2000
Aussies at Malvasia

The Wines

93 Lindemann's Limestone Ridge Coonawarra

97 Charles Sturt

97 Lindemann's Padthaway
97 Rosemount GSM

97 Seven Peaks cab/shiraz San Luis Obispo
97 Warrabilla shiraz Victoria

98 Brian Barry shiraz McLaren Vale
99 Stoneleigh sauvignon blanc New Zealand

By vote for top three:

97 Warrabilla shiraz

93 LIndemann's Limestone Ridge

97 LIndemann's Padthaway


Roll Call:  Susan, Matthew, Judi, Jim, Eric, A. David


My Tasting Rating (0-10):  7
A great dinner!  All wines very good.



General comment:  All the wines were very good!

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