The Famous Dr. Miller Wine Tasting Group
Wed. eve. 01 Mar 2000
Zinfandel at Ferraro's


86 Storybook Reserve
91 Deaver
92 Edizione Pinone(sp?)
96 Adelaida
97 Rosenblum Samsel Vyd. Maggie's Reserve

97 Heather Ranch Dry Creek
97 Pezzi-King Dry Creek
97 St. Francis Old Vines

98 Rosenblum Carla's Vyd.

Top Points from Vote (Fave 3):

97 Rosenblum Samsel Vyd. Maggie's Reserve
97 St. Francis Old Vines
91 Deaver

Attendees:  Judi, Jim, Jo Anne, Clark, Brad, Dan, Eric, A. David

My tasting rating (0-10):  7
All good wines.  Even the old fogey.  Heather Ranch would have been fourth.
(See Tasting Rating for tasting ratings.)


Notes:  A very good tasting.  Joe came by and said hi and tasted everything.  And everything had something different going on.  This wine tasting came down to what each taster preferred in zinfandel.  The older wines were surprisingly drinkable.  The Deaver even took 3rd place in the voting.  It had a sweetness from the acid and fruit that you either liked or disliked.

The St. Francis was an exercise in oak squeezin's that put off the Too-Much-Oak-Be-Bad group.  It had great fruit, but you had to like the oak thing.

The Rosenblum Maggie's was clearly a favorite wine.  Six out of eight picked it in their top 3 favorites.  It is a prototype California zinfandel.  Big fruit, spicy, wonderful red fruit nose, not over oaked.  If aliens captured you and demanded you get a typical California zinfandel from your cellar, you had better have a Rosenblum Samsel Vineyard, Maggie's Reserve.  Dear Kent Rosenblum - Your Maggie's Reserve just saved me from an alien anal probe.  It all started when I had to make a midnight run to the grocery store to buy cat food....

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